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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Data Protection Disclosure

Sharq Insurance LLC considers that protecting personal information is very important and recognize that its clients and customers have an interest in how it collects, uses and shares such information This information will be processed in accordance with Data Protection Rules of Qatar Financial Centre Authority.

All Sharq Insurance customers shall have the right of access to the personal data held about them by Sharq Insurance by sending a written request to Sharq Insurance. They shall also have the right to require Sharq Insurance to correct any inaccuracies in the information Sharq Insurance holds about them.

Sharq Insurance may retain the customer details to provide them other general insurance solutions. However, in case you do not wish to be contacted, may we seek an email with the word 'Opt Out' in the subject line at

Disclosure for Retail Customers

If you are an individual retail customer, we offer with every policy that you may wish to opt from us, a Product Disclosure (PDS) Statement, which has been prepared to assist you in understanding the Policy and is aimed to assist you in making an informed choice about your insurance requirements.

The PDS sets out the significant features of the aforesaid Policy including its benefits, risks and information about how the premium is calculated. It also summarizes our status in the market.

For a full description of this insurance product, you will still need to read the Policy Wordings for terms, conditions and limitations of the insurance policy. The PDS also explains:

  • Details required by us for issuing a Policy as sought by you
  • What is Covered in the Scope of the Policy
  • What is Not covered in the Scope of the Policy by way of Exclusions
  • Deductions that are to be made in the Event of a Claim
  • The Circumstances under which you are Not covered.
  • What to do, who to contact if you have a Complaint regarding the Policy
  • Your Policy Cancellation Rights/ Cooling-Off period after you have entered into a contract of insurance
  • Policy Renewal processes

Complaints Handling Procedures

We aim at getting it right, first time, every time. If we make an inadvertent error, we will try to put it right promptly. We will always confirm to you the receipt of your complaint within 24 working hours and do our best to resolve the problem within 4 weeks.

Should you have any Complaint please contact us at:

Mr. Bhaskar Mukherjee
Head of Compliance & AML
Sharq Insurance LLC
P.O. Box.55953, 4th Floor, Doha Bank Tower, Al Corniche Street, West Bay, Doha, Qatar
Telephone: +974 4015 4050, Fax: +974 4015 4099

We also invite your kind attention to the Customer Dispute Resolution Scheme set up by our Regulator, QFCRA for the benefit of Retail Customers of all insurance companies regulated by them.

As our Retail Customer, you have the right to access this Customer Dispute Resolution Scheme, in case our in house complaints resolution scheme does not solve your complaint. You may contact as under:

The Customer Dispute Resolution Scheme
PO Box.22989, Doha, Qatar
Email address:

Please note that using our complaints procedure or referral to the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority does not affect your legal rights.

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